Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Whatever Happened to Manners?

I feel far too young to be one of the old fogies complaining about the youth and their lack of simple manners so I won't be. Instead, I intend on complaining about the middle aged.

I am not saying that all middle-aged people are rude, just most of them. Funnily enough, whilst working I have never come across an ill-mannered elderly person, nor a badly behaved child. More often than not, I find myself chatting with the blue-hairs and complimenting parents on their child's manners. It is the middle-aged that could learn a thing or two.

To paint the picture, our outside section is out the heavy front doors, which are closed when it's cold and push from the inside out. When I'm taking in several plates/glasses from outside, it can be very tricky to get the doors open. Sometimes there's a wait-station there that we can put things on, sometimes there is not. The other night was one of the latter situations. It was also freezing cold and I had a stack of plates and several glasses in my hands. Our doorman hadn't started yet. As I was arranging everything in my hands, several people came in and out of the doors (which shut quite quickly). Like a good little waitress, I greeted everyone coming in and bid everyone leaving a good night. Not one single person made any attempt to hold the door and let me in. One elderly man sitting with his family at table one noticed me outside, got up from his dinner and opened the door for me. As I was thanking him and coming in, he observed the lack of gentlemen in the world today.

Now I'm a feminist; I believe in equal rights and equal pay for all. I need a man like a fish needs a bicycle. I don't need a man to open a door for me. But on the same note, a gentleman is nice. The Boy insists on carrying the groceries. He walks on the side of the cars when we walk down the street. He opens doors for me. I do not require this, but it's nice. Really though, my point is not just that of the gentleman. It is common human courtesy to hold a door for someone coming in after you.

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